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5 Broken Cameras growing up with the bil'in resistance

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The Entrepreneurial Secret

Author: Cedric Muhammad  Vol. 1 208 pages, ISBN 978-0578034430 Vol. 2 186 pages, ISBN  978-0578037943    Vol. 3 234 pages, ISBN   978-0578038230   Copyright 2009 CM Cap Publishing  Perfect Bound With the country still reeling from a devastating economic crisis brought on by rapacious greed and fraud committed by highly placed members within the…

Defending Farrakhan Volume 2

Authors: NOI Research Group  416 pages, ISBN 978-0963687753 Copyright 2013  NOI Historical Research Department Perfect Bound No man on the earth has been slandered and vilified in the media more than the Minister Louis Farrakhan. For several decades, he has been the victim of a smear campaign by Jewish organizations that have labeled him a…