Atlanta Musick Bizness

Author: Professor Griff
143 pages
Copyright 2004
Published by Taqiyyah Music
Perfect Bound

Professor Griff, the Minister of Information for the revolutionary rap group Public Enemy has created a resource guide with valuable information about the music business.  Different from any others out there, Atlanta Musick Bizness R.I.P (Resource Information Publication) is written by a seasoned industry professional that has experience in every aspect of the music business.

Professor Griff ’s own credibility adds to the book since he knows what it takes to be an artist with dreams of success. His longevity within the industry demonstrates this knowledge and skill in the midst of numerous flash in the pan artists and one-hit wonders.

The book covers a plethora of topic ranging from how to select a manager or an attorney, to how to protect your name and music.   It also includes information for recording studios, labels, performance venues, manufacturers, photographers and distributors. It is written in a straight up, straight forward conversational manner. Griff tells the truth, pulls no punches and has provided a must have for any hungry artist, producer engineer, manager and anyone else looking for a no nonsense approach to achieving real success in the music industry.

It is the position of the TEI that if you are going to use your music as a vehicle of expression to spread debauchery, criminality and degenerate lifestyles, you are not a part of the solution, you are part of the problem.   This is a problem that must quickly be eliminated.

I spoke with Professor Griff specifically regarding the current state of the music industry and hip hop in particular.
His words to me dealing with the topic were very informative and insightful and demonstrated a depth of knowledge that is in need not only in the music industry but within our communities as a whole.

He stated:

“All of the thugs and pimps and players, all of them are always rewarded.         As long as you don’t say anything positive for your people, to uplift the conscious level of your people, the devil will leave you alone and reward you…You can go on and on and on and on and on and it’s almost an unspoken kind of thing nowadays, in the music industry.

If you talk about negativity, if you deal in negativity, keep your people deaf, dumb and blind, the devil will reward you.         It’s sad and you find no one saying anything.         It’s almost unheard of for someone to make a record, speaking something positive. And then we’ve got conscious (Black) people that are in key positions, that won’t even say anything. We’ve got people in key positions that are making big moves, that won’t even say anything.”

— Professor Griff in an interview with Ashahed M. Muhammad

Although the resources listed in the book are primarily drawn from the companies, studios and businesses in the Atlanta area, there is a large amount of information that can be applied no matter where you reside or wherever  your business network is located.

The text of the interviews conducted with Professor Griff are quite insightful. Take for example this information contained on page 38 in which Griff points out:

“Even though you have the plaque on the wall you may still owe the record company a million dollars. You may sell 500,000 units but are you getting a dollar from every record sold?”

These are other questions  answered throughout the book that should be asked by individuals entering a controlled industry that has the aim and goal to defraud such as:

“How do I track my publishing ownership in foreign markets?” and “How do I protect and copyright my materials?”

Who runs the record industry in America? The answer may or may not surprise you depending on your level of knowledge. This book does not actually answer that question, however, it delivers much needed information for one choosing to enter the industry.  All information is good, it’s just what people choose to do with information that can sometimes become problematic.

For an aspiring entrepreneur hoping to obtain wealth in the entertainment industry, this book will definitely help organize   thoughts and assist and aspiring artist, manager, or sound engineer on the road to the creation of an effective plan of action to advance in the industry.

The strength behind Professor Griff is that he is a hip hop artist who realizes that music can be used to teach and guide the youth. He has demonstrated this by creating hip hop with a strong, revolutionary and conscious message successful at injecting something of value into the minds of the listeners.

This creates action and it is the direction that we need pursue vigorously in order to reclaim our rightful place within the social structure of   the society and culture.