Renters Insurance in Florida

You finally get that great job and it’s time to relocate.  You’re not moving out of Florida but just up the state and you would rather rent a home first.  You find the perfect house and notice the landlord has a clause in the lease agreement that requires you, the renter, to obtain renters insurance.  You wonder if this is even legal. The answer is yes and, as a matter of fact, it is more and more common to find this condition as part of the agreement to lease a home.  This, of course, benefits the landlord preventing things like being sued for the tenant’s personal property damage. But it definitely has many benefits for the tenant as well.  Renters insurance should be something everyone should consider when renting a property whether it is required or not.

There are many tools that can help compare rates and policies for renters insurance in Florida that are appropriate for your needs.  Most of the big names such as Progressive and State Farm offer insurance in most of Florida but for the towns where they don’t, there are other companies such as Great Florida Insurance and Statewide Insurance. All of these are available through a broker like

Tips to Help you before you Buy Renters Insurance

As you start to investigate the different insurance companies to find the quote and policy that works best for you, one of the most common tips is to make a list of all the personal items you own and add some pertinent information to it.  Helpful information would be the price of each of those items at the time of purchase as well as how much each is worth now.

The next step is to add up all of those amounts and have a total estimate of the value of your personal items.  Additionally, taking pictures of each of those items and keep it with the list to make it easier if you ever need to make a claim.  Finally, and this is the most common sense advice; keep the list in a safe place outside of your home.

Benefits of Renters Insurance and Discounts

Some of the benefits of buying renters insurance especially in Florida, include protecting your personal property from theft, catastrophic events such as fires and natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornados and floods. It also protects the tenant against personal liability if a guest gets injured while in your home.  As a tenant you may own highly valuable items such as jewelry, fine art and gold. These items may have limitations under a standard policy but you may opt to purchase additional coverage for them.

Tenants should also be aware of the different ways they can save money by obtaining discounts on their renters’ insurance policy.  There are many things that may qualify you for a discount. Living in Florida, there are many weather vulnerable areas. If you happen to live away from coastlines and hurricane and flood zones, you may qualify for a discount.  Other ways to obtain discounts on your policy include having a monitored alarm system, fire alarm or even if you live within a certain mileage from the fire department. Gated communities are abundant in Florida and your renters insurance policy from here may be lowered if you happen to rent in one of these communities with a 24-hour guard.

As it’s true with any insurance policy; the higher the deductible, the lower the policy.  This is yet another way to bring that policy payment down. And for those who are over the age of 50 or who are retired, there may be a discount as well.