While we do not ascribe to all of the opinions expressed on the internet sites listed below — we do believe they document positions and contain information worthy of note of which one considering themselves knowledgeable and well-informed should be aware.

These sites are provided as a service to you in your quest to uncover deliberately hidden, misrepresented and little known facts that lie beneath the surface of the accepted versions of what many accept as truth.

It is our position that information providers should be as free from bias as possible, however, if an idea or a position is held, as a service and in fairness to all, balancing aspects of the other side of an issue should be presented. We give you credit for having intelligence. This being indicated by your desire to investigate and separate truth from falsehood, as opposed to allowing others to insult your intelligence by telling you what to think and framing the debate on most issues forcing your views to be congruent with their views.

They following sites have been chosen because they stand out above the rest at a time when the information gathered from most media outlets amounts to formulaic and uninteresting nonsense.

AFRICA PREBRIEF – An service for frontier and diaspora based investors. Prescient perspectives on economic, political and cultural realities in Africa.

BLACKELECTORATE.COM – An informative site detailing the impact of political, economic and cultural forces and their impact on the Black community. Offering insight into the strategies that initiate global alliances.

C-SPAN – Direct access to public policy debates along with unedited discussions and views on current events that shape the world. Providing unfettered and unfiltered access to the views of many consider outside of the “mainstream” whether in politics, civil rights, history or foreign policy.

FINAL CALL NEWS – The most influential and widely circulated weekly newspaper dealing with national and international issues affecting Black people in the world today.

HIROSHIMA AND NAGASAKI – A fascinating study of the nature of historical representation and the process by which individuals create memories and reconstruct events that they never actually experienced or directly witnessed. Please take time to view photographer Yosuke Yamahata’s visually stirring photographic images of the widespread devastation and impact of the American atomic assault.

INTER PRESS SERVICE NEWS AGENCY – The primary objective of IPS was to fill the information gap between Europe and Latin America after the political turbulence following the Cuban revolution of 1959. The agency’s network grew steadily and expanded to include Asia and Africa.

WASHINGTON REPORT ON MIDDLE EAST AFFAIRS – Published by the American Educational Trust (AET) a non-profit foundation incorporated in Washington, D.C. by retired U.S. foreign service officers. The site is designed to provide the American public with balanced and accurate information concerning U.S. relations with Middle Eastern nations.