When Justice Calls

by Dora Muhammad
96 pages, ISBN applied for
Copyright 2002
Perfect Bound

Recently, as a result of tremendously outspoken support for the U.S. led military action against Iraq, the United Kingdom and Prime Minister Tony Blair has constantly been in the news.

While polls show that a majority of those in the UK were against military action, polls also showed widespread unhappiness with the apparent weakness of Blair in serving as the willing lap dog and ventriloquist led mouthpiece of the Bush administration.

The United Kingdom, as it relates to political controversies and race relations appears to be in a state of denial when it comes to solving the problems of their nation.  Their response to anything that may generate moderate levels of controversy is to impose a ban.

In 1986, The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan was first refused entry into the UK on the grounds that his public statements were “racially divisive.”  The ban has been in place since then, however, some highly ranked members of the Nation of Islam such as Attorney and Minister Ava Muhammad, have traveled there for public rallies, NOI sponsored events and organizational activities.

The book When Justice Calls written by Dora Muhammad, deals with the protracted legal battle that has taken place over the past 5 years, as efforts to lift the ban intensified by Farrakhan supporters not only in the UK but in America as well.

Ms. Muhammad who is currently associate editor of the Final Call Newspaper has compiled a very competent and detailed account of the efforts of Attorney Mathew Ryder, Attorney Sadiq Khan and Min. Hilary Muhammad, the UK coordinator for the Nation of Islam.

Interspersed throughout the text are examples of the uplifting messages of self-help and redemption delivered by Minister Farrakhan. It seems that everyone, with the exception of the governmental officials in the UK see him as one with solutions to problems, and not one who causes them.

The choice of photographs is interesting, with the publishers opting for the numerous  “skin and grin” poses that in many cases have no relation or relevance to the topic. Other photographs show action shots of aspects of the case. The writing shows a capable author, the documentation appears to be factual, and the presentation of information reveals the glaring and  fundamental weaknesses of those within the UK who have aligned themselves and are determined to prevent Minister Farrakhan from touching UK soil.

Interestingly enough, according to reports, there is a sizeable contingent of Farrakhan followers there in the UK who have increased their levels of activism and awareness as a result of hearing audio and video taped lectures.  Minister Farrakhan himself stated that “What they [UK government officials] have effectively done is made me bigger than I would have been if they had just left me alone.”

The TEI has always maintained that if one in perceived to hold views to be objectionable, the most effective way to deal with it and them is to present the facts, allow free speech, and give the public the opportunity to use their own minds in separating fact from fiction. In a case such as this one, the UK government officials have chosen the cowardly way out and have attempted to censor expression of mind liberating ideas that will lessen their power and control and strengthen the masses of the people.

Recent news reports and international observers have noted increased anti-immigrant sentiment in the UK, numerous racial conflicts as well as a renewed neo-Nazi movement gaining popularity there.

Perhaps this is the reason that the government officials want to keep Minister Farrakhan out.

It is for those very reasons that he should be allowed in.

It is important to note that at the end of  December of 2002, Minister Farrakhan delivered a stern warning to the United Kingdom in a message beamed from America via satellite that was very well received by the audience there.

As you can see truth cannot be stopped.

If you are unfamiliar with the events surrounding Minister Farrakhan being banned from the UK and desire a quick summary of the facts, this book is for you.